FOUNDED in MARCH of 2020

EndPandemics is a Global Alliance

We are a dynamic, global alliance of organizations—representing conservation, climate, health, finance, security, agroforestry, business, technology, and communications—who have launched a global coordinated campaign to reduce the risks of pandemics by addressing the root cause of all zoonotic outbreaks—rampant wildlife trade and the destruction of wild habitat.

Special thanks to B.Grimm for its support, including sponsoring our message on CNN.
For the Animals
Worldview International Foundation
Save Wild Tigers
Save Wild Tigers
Save Wild Tigers


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Light on Organization Heavy on Impact

We emphasize and facilitate collaboration among all types of organizations — big and small, formal and informal — including citizens, to deliver lasting positive impacts on frontline actions, public policies, business practices, and consumer behaviors.


"Nature protection is integral to international security and human welfare."

COVID-19 and other novel disease outbreaks have been triggered by accelerated wildlife trade and decreasing wild habitat. These trends are driven by commercial demand, weak nature protection systems, and habitat conversion. Unless these root causes are duly addressed in post-pandemic response strategies, any stimulus package will amount to expensive ‘band-aids’ that need frequent changing because today’s new vaccine will not work against tomorrow’s new virus. 


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