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Preventing future pandemics by ending the commercial trade in wild animals, expanding wild habitat, and protecting livelihoods.


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Solutions from our alliance of frontline organizations represent the following action pillars.

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We are a global alliance of frontline organizations working to protect earth and prevent pandemics. We invite you to learn more about who we are and how we're making an impact.

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"Nature protection is integral to international security and human welfare."

COVID-19 and other novel disease outbreaks have been triggered by accelerated wildlife trade and decreasing wild habitat. These trends are driven by commercial demand, weak nature protection systems, and habitat conversion. Unless these root causes are duly addressed in post-pandemic response strategies, any stimulus package will amount to expensive ‘band-aids’ that need frequent changing because today’s new vaccine will not work against tomorrow’s new virus. 


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A Global Alliance to Reduce the Risks of Pandemics by Protecting and Regenerating Nature.

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