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Preventing future pandemics by ending the commercial trade in wild animals, expanding wild habitat, and protecting livelihoods.


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Solutions from our alliance of frontline organizations represent the following action pillars.

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We are a global alliance of frontline organizations working to protect earth and prevent pandemics. We invite you to learn more about who we are and how we're making an impact.


DEC 2019

• First case of COVID-19 officially reported

JAN-FEB 2020

• Founders of emerging campaign appeal to world leaders to close wildlife markets
• Ten organizations meet to form an official campaign to tackle the root causes of zoonotic outbreaks
• Campaign co-founder Freeland launches report on links between wildlife trafficking and zoonoses

MAR 2020

• WHO announces COVID-19 a pandemic
• Campaign initiates regular weekly calls

APR-MAY 2020

• EndPandemics is launched globally as an open, solution-driven campaign alliance of 20+ organizations from multiple sectors operating on five continents
• EndPandemics website and collaboration tools go live
• Major media covers EndPandemics (Al Jazeera, ITN, TRT, Sky TV, Time, NPR)
• B.Grimm is the first major corporation to join EndPandemics

JUN-JUL 2020

• EndPandemics presents its Solutions Map concept at the global webinar “One Health: Building Lasting Solutions Together”
• EndPandemics and B.Grimm launch a campaign spot on CNN International with message “It’s time to end the wildlife trade and promote compassionate, sustainable farming, for all life on earth”
• EndPandemics briefs MPs of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly

AUG-SEP 2020

• EndPandemics interacts with the Asian Development Bank on its draft Green Recovery Policy Paper
• Channel News Asia features EndPandemics in its “Disease Hunters” TV series
• EndPandemics releases its rebranded logo, launches thematic teams on Solutions, Dashboard (Impact Tracking), Comms, Fundraising
• EndPandemics organizes a special event “Rooting for Your Wild Mascot to End Pandemics” at the global Freeland Film Festival

OCT-DEC 2020

• EndPandemics launches its 2nd campaign spot on CNN and CNBC
• EndPandemics members contribute to a joint call of WC20 (twenty leading conservation organizations) to the G20 summit “to invest in nature or face biodiversity collapse and further pandemics” and “to deliver solutions on the ground”
• EndPandemics coordinates an open letter of global experts “Urgent need for revision of China’s Wildlife Protection Law to adopt One Health principles and precautionary approach to the commercial trade in wild animals for food and non-food purposes”
• B.Grimm chairman takes EndPandemics message to Forbes MegaTrends Forum in Bangkok, appealing for private sector support for One Health policy and to the notion of investing in Planetary Health as best ways to preserve Earth and business
• EndPandemics grows to 65 participating organizations

JAN-MAR 2021

• EndPandemics is featured on HBO’s John Oliver Show, in The Independent, Mongabay
• EndPandemics member Task.io floats the alliance’s digital token EPX to incentivize collaboration and impact

APR-MAY 2021

• EndPandemics runs its 50th weekly call, grows to 75 participating organizations
• EndPandemics organizes a high-level event “Can Thailand Lead a Global Effort to Prevent Future Pandemics?”

JUN 2021

• EndPandemics co-founder appeals to G7 leaders: “An Earth Insurance Package is our Long Lasting Vaccine”
• EndPandemics publicly launches “A Roadmap to End Pandemics: Building It Together” 

JUL 2021

• EndPandemics organizes a joint event with the ASEAN Inter-parliamentary Assembly “Preventing Pandemics through One Health Approach”

SEPT 2021

• EndPandemics organizes a roundtable to recommend urgent and practical steps world leaders can take to prevent new pandemics by addressing their root causes. Hosted by EndPandemics and United for Regeneration, which was founded in partnership with the Vatican’s Dicastery for the Promoting Integral Human Development and its COVID-19 Commission VIEW HERE

Special thanks to B.Grimm for its support, including sponsoring our message on CNN.



"Nature protection is integral to international security and human welfare."

COVID-19 and other novel disease outbreaks have been triggered by accelerated wildlife trade and decreasing wild habitat. These trends are driven by commercial demand, weak nature protection systems, and habitat conversion. Unless these root causes are duly addressed in post-pandemic response strategies, any stimulus package will amount to expensive ‘band-aids’ that need frequent changing because today’s new vaccine will not work against tomorrow’s new virus. 


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