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#ENDPANDEMICS is a global campaign to reduce the risks of pandemics by addressing the root cause of all zoonotic outbreaks—rampant wildlife trade and the disruption of wild habitats and societies that depend on them.


The mission is to protect the world against future zoonotic outbreaks that cause human suffering, economic disruption, and species loss, by ending commercial wildlife trade, restoring healthy ecosystems, and enabling environmentally-friendly livelihoods.

HISTORY was announced on Earth Day 2020 to address the root causes of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

WHO is a dynamic global alliance that brings together the resources and expertise of a worldwide network of conservation, climate, health, finance, security, agroforestry, business, technology and communications experts and organizations that are united in our goal to reduce the risks of further pandemics by restoring nature.

Join Us (English)
Join our movement to EndPandemics by ending commercial trade in wild animals and regenerating nature.

Join Us (Chinese, Traditional)
斷絕全球流行疫症傳播 野生動物棲息廣闊山河 立即終止貿易擴闊生境 保持距離防止疫症再臨

Join Us (Chinese, Simplified)
断绝全球流行疫症传播 野生动物栖息广阔山河 立即终止贸易扩阔生境 保持距离防止疫症再临


APR 2020


A short narrative video of #EndPandemics in the wake of COVID-19 that offers clear solutions on what can be done to prevent future pandemics from occurring.

APR 2020


Experts from around the globe describe the new campaign, take questions and receive comments prior to its official launch on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. 

MAY 2020


A three page PDF that summarizes the campaign and can be distributed to share more information on various channels. 

NOV 2020


Official brand assets suitable for all channels including social, press, alliance, and collaboration assets.


"Nature protection is integral to international security and human welfare."

COVID-19 and other novel disease outbreaks have been triggered by accelerated wildlife trade and decreasing wild habitat. These trends are driven by commercial demand, weak nature protection systems, and habitat conversion. Unless these root causes are duly addressed in post-pandemic response strategies, any stimulus package will amount to expensive ‘band-aids’ that need frequent changing because today’s new vaccine will not work against tomorrow’s new virus. 


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