Entropika develops community level economic opportunities to deter reliance on wildlife trafficking. Indigenous communities at the Colombian-Peruvian border are neglected by central governments who do not invest in the economic development of this region, leaving them with few options besides the unsustainable extraction of local resources, including wildlife, to meet basic needs. 

About the Alliance Member

Entropika is a grassroots NGO dedicated to conserving biodiversity and improving local livelihoods in the Amazonian border area between Colombia, Brazil, and Peru.


Peruvian-Colombian Amazon border region


With our assistance and training, two Peruvian communities previously involved in illegal trade now have registered tourism associations which democratically allocate the revenue gained from low-impact nature tourism activities for services and infrastructures that benefit the whole community and local ecosystem.

Marketing tourist initiative and joint tour packages with a nearby nature reserve bring in tourists, providing an income to 60 people, improving family earnings and natural resources management.

Action Pillar:
Reduce Demand

If demand is reduced, wildlife trade will decrease.

• Running behaviour change campaigns that reward responsible consumerism.

• Developing alternative livelihood programs for communities dependent on wildlife consumption or sales.

• Strengthening laws and policies.

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